Sweet & Self-Sufficient

"God does whatever He wants. His purposes are a sure thing. There's no stopping Him. No containing Him. No refuting Him. No cutting Him of at the pass. No short-circuiting His agenda. God is in control. He sends forth lightning from His storehouse, He breathes out the wind, waters the earth, raises up rulers, directs the course of nations, births life, ordains death, and, in the midst of it all, still has time to be intimately acquainted with the everyday affairs of everyone on the planet." (49)

"Everything God does, He does for His own glory. He approaches every decision with the question: "What will bring the most attention and honor to My name in this situation-what will most glorify Me and make Me look the very best?" And then He does whatever that is." (162)

--Taken from i am not but i know I AM by Louie Giglio