not even a hint

Wednesday afternoon, I read Joshua Harris' book 'not even a hint' about defending your heart against lust. It was a very easy read with some good things in it. Here are some quotes:

"He really knew what He was doing didn't He? 'Be fruitful and... multiply,' he commanded mankind (Genesis 9:7). And then, just in case we'd be tempted to slack off in this task of populating and subduing the earth, He made us sexual creatures and wired us with this incredible thing we call a sex drive." (p. 33)
This quote reminds me of a talk Mohler gave on marriage and pornography. In it (I think in the Q & A in the audio) he said that if there were no sex drive, many males would never marry because we can be slothful, alone, and content. Our sex drive should lead us to find a wife.

"Lust is always based on the same lie - that satisfaction will be found apart from God." (84)

"Lust offers men the pleasure of sex devoid of the hard work of intimacy. Lust offers women the power to get what they want relationally if they use their sexuality to seduce." (87)

"And yet this is how we often practice discernment when it comes to our entertainment choices. We seem to think that because we don't approve, because we sigh and roll our eyes, because we complain about the ungodliness of Hollywood, because we fast-forward through the really bad parts, we can watch all the garbage in the world and our souls won't be affected. We call this 'discernment.' But that's as foolish as saying that if you don't enjoy a calorie, it won't make you fat." (122)

"Jesus Christ died to rescue me from darkness and sin. How can I willingly immerse myself in that darkness for the sake of entertainment? What a tragedy it is that I've sat idly by during movies and television shows and watched the very sin for which Christ had to die being laughed about, even celebrated." (125)