More Mohler on Reading

Mohler has written some more on reading. Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

[On reading bad theology] - "Pastors should certainly read enough to know what is going on at the level of popular theology (be brave and go into a Christian bookstore) and in the cultural conversation. My library has an entire collection of various heretical writings, ranging from the heresies of the ancients to the heresies of the present day. I read them in order to understand them, to confront them, and to correct their heresies with the truth.
How will you understand Augustine if you do not understand Pelagius (whose writings are mostly lost)? How can you understand Calvin without knowing about Servetus? Machen without Fosdick? Mahaney without Jakes? Oops, that last one was as yet a dream."

"C.J., here is my Super Bowl prediction: The winner will be either the Seattle Seahawks or the Pittsburg Steelers. I heard that inside scoop on TBN. Just call it a word of knowledge."