Scott and Wilson Quotes

From Stuart Scott's book The Exemplary Husband:
"The overall purpose of this book is to assist husbands toward purposeful and lasting Christlikeness for the glory of God." (IX)

"Whether a marriage is disastrous or marvelous depends greatly on the couple's view of marriage. How a man thinks about marriage will certainly affect his perspective of his role, his wife's role, and the relationship itself." (60)

"Change must begin in the mind...This can happen only as God's Word dwells in us. We must have God's Word consistently before us and purposefully implanted in our minds (i.e. meditation and memorization)...The stark reality is, how we think greatly determines how we live. Thinking affects desires, feelings, and actions...God is saying that we will not live biblically unless we think biblically, therefore, the first act of repentance (change) is to examine the thinking that is behind our actions and renew our minds with God's truth." (312-313)

From Douglas Wilson's Federal Husband:
"...just as Christ as the head assumed all the responsibility for all the sins of all His people, so the husband is to assume covenant responsibility for the state of his marriage." (12)

"A man who is the head of his wife is preaching all day about Christ and the Church-his obedience or disobedience will determine whether his preaching is full of lies or not, but the very nature of his relation to his wife means that he is preaching , like it or not." (22)

"In a time when many women are more qualified to take a wife than many men are, it is not surprising that gender confusion is rampant." (32)

"We are Christians, so we love books." (96)

"A woman who rejects domesticity, who wants to live like a Barbie married to Ken, should be avoided along with all other sexual pests. A biblical man should want a woman who wants children and who wants to be home-oriented." (104)