End of the Spear

Well, me and my fiancee watched 'End of the Spear' today. This is the movie about the five missionaries that got speared in Ecuador. I previously posted about the documentary about these men. I admit I was a little biased after watching Chad Allen (the star of the show, who played Nate and Steve Saint) defend his homosexual lifestyle on CNN on Monday night. I was thourougly disappointed with the movie. Don't get me wrong, for a movie, it was great. But for a historical account, I was completely disappointed. I am also trying to put myself in the shoes of a non-believer. The movie did not show anything of the missionary's devotion to Christ, or why they even left the states. The names Jesus, or Christ were not mentioned in the entirety of the film. The gospel of Christ was the sole reason that these men laid down their lives, but you wouldn't get that from this movie. I have read about Elliot a little, and from what I have read and heard, he was on fire for the gospel of Christ. The movie portrayed him as an idiot.
I truly believe that if any one of these men were alive today to see the movie, they would not be pleased with it. This movie is on the secular market. What an opportunity to share the gospel! I think that those men would jump at the opportunity to share Christ with the amount of people who will go and see this film. If I were not a follower of Christ, I would walk away thinking, "That's cool. Some compassionate men died in order to teach a tribe about peace so they would not kill each other anymore, and Nate Saint was a great man." At the end of the movie, the credits said that half of the proceeds would be given to charity to help indigenous tribes. What about missions? Help is pointless without the gospel.
I would be curious about how the movie would have been if Elizabeth Elliot would have directed the movie. It probably would have been a lot more Christ-centered, and less 'Saint-centered.'
Sorry about sounding so negative, but I just see it as a huge missed opportunity to exalt Jesus Christ.