Blue Like Jazz

I was a little late for the 'Blue Like Jazz Train', but I finally read it a few weeks ago. It was okay at parts, and questionable in many places. I appreciated his honesty that so many Christians lack. I am not sure if I recommend it, but if you do get it, be sure that you have read Piper's "The Pleasures of God" and A.W. Pink's "The Sovereignty of God" for some good foundation. Here is a quote from the book:
"And that's the tricky thing about life, really, that the things we want most will kill us. Tony the Beat Poet read me this ancient scripture recently that talked about loving either darkness or loving light, and how hard it is to love light and how easy it is to love darkness. I think that is true. Ultimately, we do what we love to do. I like to think that I do things for the right reasons, but I don't, I do things because I do or don't love doing them. Because of sin, because I am self-addicted, living in the wreckage of the fall, my body, my heart, and my affections are prone to love things that kill me. Tony says Jesus gives us the ability to love the things we should love, the things of Heaven. Tony says that when people who follow Jesus love the right things, they help create God's kingdom on earth, and that is something beautiful."
***UPDATE*** 9 Marks had done a review of the book here.