The Blessed Hope

A couple of weeks ago, I read George Eldon Ladd's book The Blessed Hope. It is a biblical study of the second advent and the rapture. What is funny is that 'Left Behind' is on the TV in the living room right now. It was really a critique of pre-tribulational premillennialism. He is advocating historic premillennialism, which says the scripture teaches a post-tribulation rapture. This is the view that I find most consistent with the whole of Scripture. I wanted to share some quotes:

"The first three centuries were characterized by a futurist, premillennial interpretation, but not of the pretribulation type." (35)

"In more recent times, due to the influence of the Scofield Reference Bible, the Bible school movement, etc., pretribulationism has been more widely accepted than ever before with the result that many Christians have never heard any sound Bible teachers who held a different position and therefore have naturally concluded that pretribulationalism is essential to premillennialism. This is not true historically, and it is not true theologically or Biblically." (52)

"However, both the amillennialist and the premillenialist insist that the world is evil, that the business of the Church primarily is to preach the Gospel of salvation, and that the Christian must be living in constant expectation of the personal second coming of Christ. The fullness of the kingdom will come only with the coming of the King. This is Biblical doctrine, and on it premillennialists, whether they believe in a pre- or posttribulation rapture, and amillennialists stand together." (141)