Being Perfectly Imperfect

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the magazine from Chandler's church called 'The Village Pub." I had jury duty this week and had the chance to read through it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to post some of the parts that I particularly enjoyed. Here is an excerpt from Ryan Barnhart about lo9oking for the perfect spouse:

"My transition into being just fine with a sub-par physique and flabby abs wasn't easy because during that period I discovered several women that were looking for the perfect man. Of course, he doesn't exist. Romance novels, celebrity magazines and chick flicks are sources of entertainment that reveal fictitious, near-perfect, intimate relationships in which a couple miraculously discovers and continuously displays romantic love. It seems like society has created this demand for women to find and daydream of men like Fabio or wealthy businessmen like Richard Gere, who will climb a flight of stairs carrying roses proclaiming to all of Los Angeles that he has come to save the day. Becoming either of those imaginary male figures is impossible for men that weren't created by books or movies. I'm no Fabio, and if I saved money for a month, I still wouldn't be able to afford the roses Gere presented in Pretty Woman."