More Emergence

Scot McKnight has posted seven habits of successful emerging discussions. They are helpful for those interested in learning about and discussing the emerging movement.

Wikipedia also has some good info and links about it here.

Interestingly, Wikipedia includes Mark Driscoll as a pioneer in the emerging church movement. Speaking of Driscoll, today I listened to an excellent sermon by him called "The Genesis of False Gospels." He preached it at a conference called Reformission 2004, where John Piper was the keynote speaker. Be sure and listen to Piper's sermons as well. You can find it here under the audio section. If you have about an hour and twenty minutes of spare time, listen to it. He goes through pretty much all of Genesis and defines 11 false gospels. He speaks of the problem of sin, and our feeble attempts to fix it, the wrong type of community, feminism, morality, spirituality (where he seems to be knocking the emergent folks, especially when he talks about people walking around in "faggoty labyrinths)." He closes with the Seed (Jesus) being the only solution to the sin problem. I was encouraged.