Radical Reformission

"In fact, if all the unchurched people in the U.S. were to establish their own country, they would form the eleventh most populated nation on the planet." (18)

"As our people function as missionaries, evangelism is done by the whole church instead of through the dated evangelistic routine of relying on the ministrries of professionals, programs, or large formal events. Reformission requires that every Christian and church realize that missions is about not something they do but something they are. We are all on a mission with Jesus every day, and we are either good missionaries or bad." (66)

"Reformission Christians and churches exist to perpetuate the gospel and should be swift to change their cultural forms if they are notthe most beneficial for achieving that goal. This is what {aul told the Corinthians about being all things to all people and using all means to see as many people as possible saved (1 Cor. 9:19-23). Reformission churches have to continually examine and adjust their musical styles, websites, aesthetics, acoustics, programming, adn just about everything but their Bible in an effort to effectively communicate the gospe to as many people as possible in the cultures around them." (100)

"This point is important because too often the evangelistic task of speaking about Jesus is promoted as a work or something we must do, rather than as an overflowing of joy within us that explodes out of us because we have met God in Christ. Jesus then prayed that we would live a reformission life of tension, holding the gospel in one hand and the culture in the other, furiously refusing to let go of either so that we might be simultaneously faithful to the text of Scripture and to the context of our ministry." (143)

Taken from The Radical Reformissionary by Mark Driscoll