On Reformission

Yesterday I read Mark Driscoll's book The Radical Reformission. About a month ago, I got sucked into the world of the emergent church. I really just wanted to get a definition for it, which is very hard to do. Anyway, I began reading a lot about it. Most of what I read was nauseating due to the extremely low view of scripture held by some. Not all of what I read was nauseating though. I ran across Driscoll's name and checked into it a little. He is the founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. This church has drastically grown since he founded it in his living room, from around 10 to 4,000 weekly. He is a voice for the emerging church (not Emergent). In this book he says, "I am presenting this book as a contribution toward the furtherance of the emerging church in the emerging culture" (17). But later he says, "..the emerging-church massage-parlor antics of labyrinth-walking by candlelight will do little more than increase the pool of extras for televison's Will and Grace" (184). The context of that quote is talking about raising up Godly men. What is different about Driscoll though is that he is committed to expositional preaching and is a reformed theologian. This book is very insightful. It is basically about being a missionary in the U.S. He points out that, "if all the unchurched people in the U.S. were to establish their own country, they would form the eleventh most populated nation on the planet" (18). Don't get me wrong, there were places that my eyebrow was raised though. He is a bit crass for some. Fundamentalists will hate it. He is pretty humorous and very sarcastic, which I can appreciate. Over the next week or so I will post some quotes from the book that you may resonate with, or hate. All comments welcome.